Membership Expectations

The table below provides some examples of what we as golf club expect from our membership and what our membership can expect from us as a golf club.

Expectations from Members Expectations to Members from the Club
All members to abide by the club's rules including local rules. A golf course to be presented at a desirable level given certain circumstances.
Members to be appropriately dressed fitting for the golf club setting both on the course and in the clubhouse. Staff who are helpful and happy to help to provide you the best member experience possible in a friendly atmosphere.
Members to treat and respect all other members as they would wish to be treated. A wide range of opportunities to play a variety of competitions and formats.
Members to give green staff priority when working on the course. Access to practice facilities.
Members to repair divots, pitch marks and rake bunkers, even if not their own. A well-presented and maintained clubhouse including all those facilities that come with it.
Uphold the etiquette within the game of golf and within the expectations at Fulford Heath Golf Club. Frequent social events allowing you to use the club for more than golf.
Members to enjoy being part of the golf club. Good value for money.
If unsure on a matter, ask the question. A test for golfers of all abilities.
A sense of belonging and wanting the best for Fulford Heath Golf Club. The opportunity to take part in social golf.