Fulford Heath Golf Course

Our wonderful, challenging parkland course

is managed by Kim Blake and his team.

The Greens

Director:  Gill Hazlewood

Greens Manager:  Kim Blake

Greens Staff: Graeme Stevenson; Rebecca Blake; Richard George; Ray Taylor; Kevin Beale;

Paul Whitten spends 6 months on Greens and 6 months within the Clubhouse

The above people are the ones responsible for making our course one of the stand-out courses in the Midlands and have help to provide the breathtaking vista we have become used to when we walk onto the patio. Members of our wonderful Club often take a few seconds out when they walk through the entrance to take in the view, visitors are often heard to be amazed by it.

But as long term members know it is an ongoing battle to keep the tees, fairways, greens and even the rough at it’s peak. The people who work at it work very hard in sometimes awful conditions.

On this page we will keep you informed as to what, when and why work is happening out there to help everyone.



Dear Members,

We look forward to welcoming you back after this second lock-down.

As you will have been aware we have experienced yet more wet weather.  Indeed October proved to be another challenging month with 128mm (5”) rain. In view of the weather the greens maintenance work was put back until it dried up enough to undertake the work. On the plus side we have used the time available during the lockdown to progress our winter project work, albeit drainage work, such as that needed on the 8th hole, cannot be undertaken when we are experiencing such wet weather.

With the course closed the greens have been spiked and top dressed on two occasions and more work will take place in December weather permitting. The tees have been hollow tined and top dressed. The work above was completed with new machines to replace our old ones. The new machines are a lot quicker which allows us to do these vital jobs when limited weather conditions are favourable.

The machine on the left is a Toro Pro core 648 which replaces the John Deere 800 aerator and the machine on the right is a Toro Propass 200 top dresser replacing our Turfco 1500.

It is rewarding that the club is able to keep investing in the future by replacing machines which enables us to effectively manage and maintain the course to a high standard.

The 16th yellow and white tees and the 11th yellow and white tees have been levelled and new turf laid.  Some drainage work will be undertaken on the 11th red tee.  The next tee scheduled for work is the old 7th white tee. This tee will be levelled and moved to the left and it will become the new 7th summer yellow  tee. The turf on this tee will be used to refurbish the bunker on the 13th green.  Also scheduled is improvement to the 13th yellow tee.

We have used the turf that we could from the 11th and 16th tees to turf areas around the course, particularly around edges of bunkers and this will continue throughout the winter months weather permitting. One of our main aims is to improve the condition of the edges of our bunkers.

Fairways have been aerated with the Sisis slitter and Charterhouse vertidrain. This work will continue throughout December which will mean that holes will need to close one at a time.

Some tree pruning has been undertaken, particularly affecting lower branches and in addition some work has been undertaken on the 11th hole.

Winter tee mats have been power washed off and winter tee markers have been painted. Posts and ropes will be positioned in front of the greens to help direct traffic away from the aprons. Please adhere to these roped off areas and refrain from walking across with trolleys or with buggies.

As you are aware it is compulsory to use fairway protectors (mats) and winter wheels on electric trolleys as this will greatly assist in maintaining the excellent condition of our course and your continued co-operation in this respect is gratefully appreciated.

Keep safe and let us know of any questions, comments or feedback.

Best wishes

Gill Hazlewood                                          Kim Blake

Chair of Greens Committee                   Course Manager