Fulford Heath Golf Course

Our wonderful, challenging parkland course

is managed by Kim Blake and his team.

The Greens

Director:  Dave Parker

Greens Manager:  Kim Blake

Greens Staff:


The above people are the ones responsible for making our course one of the stand-out courses in the Midlands and have help to provide the breathtaking vista we have become used to when we walk onto the patio. Members of our wonderful Club often take a few seconds out when they walk through the entrance to take in the view, visitors are often heard to be amazed by it.

But as long term members know it is an ongoing battle to keep the tees, fairways, greens and even the rough at it’s peek. The people who work at it work very hard in sometimes awful conditions.

On this page we will keep you informed as to what, when and why work is happening out there to help everyone.