Optional Fairway Mats, Winter wheels & Orange Buggy routes

Posted on November 3, 2018

November 2018

Fairway protector mats, winter tees, winter wheels on electric trolleys and orange buggy route

We have introduced the optional use of fairway protector mats.  We have seen a huge benefit over the last 2 years in using these during  the winter months and with the fairways struggling to recover from the extreme summer conditions we urge members to use these over the winter to aid fairway recovery.  Mats will be allowed to be used in the winter league and Eric Booy Putter competitions.  Andy Harris will be sending out details of this in a separate competitions communication in due course.

New winter tee mats will be installed over the next few weeks on the 1st, 5th, 11th and 16th tees.  It is planned that we will move onto the winter tees from 3rd December 2018 after the Captain’s Drive-in event but this may change depending on course conditions.

Winter wheels on electric trolleys will be mandatory at some point in the coming weeks when course conditions dictate.  This will allow us to not have to consider a complete trolley ban at times which is an approach we know that other course in the area adopt.   With this in mind we would like to ask members using electric trolleys to put your winter wheels on now as this will also help with the recovery of the fairways.

Finally the orange buggy route will be in operation again this year when Kim determines it needs to come into effect.  The route is being reviewed in conjunction with buggy users to make it as easy as possible to use whilst ensuring they are safe.   At certain times the route may be in operation using the 90 degree rule (again to assist with fairway recovery).  When required Kim may need to implement a buggy route only policy where golfers will need to leave the buggy on the orange route and walk to their ball.  We will strive to keep buggies on the course as much as possible over the winter month bearing in mind health and safety considerations.  This may mean that at time only golfers with medical certificates will be allowed to use buggies and may also require the implementation of the short course (1-6, 14-18) at times where course conditions dictate.  Kim will make these decisions based on course conditions, health and safety considerations based on the buggy policy that is in place.

Thank you in advance for your ongoing support in these areas.

Kim Blake/Dave Parker
Course Manager/Chair of Greens

NB If you want to read more about what Kim and our amazing Green Keeping team are doing on the course then follow the link. Autumn Work

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