Fulford Heath Golf Club

The Seniors Section

Your 2019 Seniors Captain is Mr Andy Harris

Seniors Vice Captain Keith French



Here your 2019 Seniors Captain receiving the John Kinnersley Cup from Club Captain, Mike Timms.


Andy’s Vice Captain is Keith French, here between last years Club Captain Mike Timms & this years Club Captain Rod Hazlewood.

The Seniors section in the Club is completely open to all members who are over the age of 55, even though many do not feel they are ‘Seniors’.

The section hold a number of mid-week stableford competitions over the summer, as well as a Senior Open and matches against other clubs. Over the past years these events have been very well attended and have often produced some excellent, competitive golf.

The Seniors Team play friendly matches against Clubs across the Midlands, playing some 26 games from March through to October, both on a home and away basis. These fixtures are always enjoyable and competitive, played in a friendly atmosphere and with very good company. This combined with some wonderful courses, and excellent food and drink after the game proves to be an amazing day out.

If you are interested in playing with the Seniors in any of the events you are always guaranteed a warm, friendly welcome and will never be short of like-minded playing partners. Our Team fixtures are below and you will find ‘sign up’ lists on the Seniors board which is on the left just before the Men’s changing room.

The culmination of the Seniors’ season is the John Kynnersley Cup.  This is a board competition played for by those who have represented the club playing for the Seniors Team.  Traditionally the cup is played for as part of the Seniors Captain’s Away Day.

Seniors Fixtures for 2019


Tues – 19th – Home – 1st tee 12:00    –  B Team

Fri – 29th – Away – 1st tee 8:30     –  Coventry Finham


Tues – 9th – Home – 1st tee 8:30      –  Maxstoke

Thurs – 11th – Away – 1st tee 8:30      –  Ladbrook Park

Tues – 16th – Away – 1st tee 8:30       –  Olton

Tues – 23rd – Home – 1st tee 8:30     –  Kenilworth

Mon –  29th – Home – 1st tee 12:00   –  Fulford Ladies


Tues – 7th – Home – 1st tee 8:30        –  Leamington

Tues – 21st – Home – 1st tee 8:30        –  Stratford

Thurs – 30th – Away – 1st tee 8:30     –  Leamington


Tues – 4th – Away – 1st tee 8:30         –  Robin Hood

Wed – 12th – Home – 1st tee 8:30      –  Robin Hood

Tues – 18th – Home – 1st tee 8:30      –  Kings Norton

Wed – 26th – Away – 1st tee 8:45        –  Churchill & Blakedown


Tues – 2nd – Home – 1st tee 8:30       –  Olton

Fri – 12th – Away – 1st tee 8:45            –  Droitwich

Fri – 26th – Away – 1st tee 8:30           –  Kenilworth

Tues – 30th – Home – 1st tee 8:30      –  Droitwich


Tues – 13th – Home – 1st tee 8:30       –  Ladbrook Park

Mon – 19th – Away – 1st tee 9:00        –  Kings Norton

Tues – 27th – Home – 1st tee 8:30       –  Churchill & Blakedown


Mon – 2nd – Away – 1st tee 8:45          –  Copt Heath

Tues – 10th – Away – 1st tee 8:30         –  Maxstoke

Fri –  13th – Away – 1st tee 8:30           –  Stratford

Tues – 24th – Home – 1st tee 8:30        –  Coventry Finham


Senior Match Reports 2019

April 2019
This week the Seniors have enjoyed two fixtures, one at home against Maxstoke and the other away to Ladbrook Park.  Despite the original forecast Tuesday’s match was played in the dry even if a little cold and for the match with Ladbrook we had beautiful sunshine.
As usual for both these matches there was great company with some closely fought golf.  The Captain continued to lead from the front winning on both days ably supported by Len Troth and Terry Blizzard respectively.  However, there is a worrying trend of taking a good early lead but only actually sealing it on the last!  In addition. there were wins for Brian Dyhouse and Brian Harbison, Bob Smalley and Jim Pedersen against Maxstoke and Keith French and Roger Pye coupled with halves for Lionel Baird and Tom Goley, Dennis Vine and Larry Bennett.
Results:   vs Maxstoke (home)  Halved 3-3
                vs Ladbrook Park (away)  Halved 3-3
Two further matches have also been completed against Olton (away) 16th April and Kenilworth (home) 23rd April.  Good conditions for golf were had on both days with some excellent golf and good company.
At Olton we succumbed to another tight away loss but won more holes by dint of the captain and vice-captain for the day (Roger Pye) winning 5 and 4 and 7 and 6 respectively.  On 23rd we actually won our first match for the season!!
The Captain won on both days more than ably supported by Brian Dyhouse and Brian Harbison.  There were also wins for Roger Pye and Larry Bennett, Tom Goley and Martin Morgan, Jim Ellias and Len Troth, Dennis Vine and Jim Pedersen plus a half for Bob Adams and Rod Hazlewood.
 Results:   vs Olton (away) Lost 2.5 to 3.5
                vs Kenilworth (home)  Won 4-2

Fulford Heath Seniors away at Coventry Finham

After starting of the season under Seniors Captain Andy Harris, with an enjoyable but disappointing loss to Fulford Heath’s B Team the Seniors travelled away to Coventry Golf Club on Friday 29th March.

This was a close encounter on a glorious Spring day with lots of very good golf from all the members of both Clubs involved.  Unfortunately, Fulford Seniors came second but by only one match.  At least the Seniors Captain won, largely due to the strong play of Jim Pedersen.
The other winners on the day were Len Troth & Malcolm Robbins, with Ray Webb & Mike Walker managing to get a half. So an excellent day at Coventry, not the right result but the company was good and the day was full of sun.
Fulford Heath  2 1/2   Coventry  3 1/2
Next match:  Maxstoke Park Golf Club at home on April 9th