Fulford Heath Golf Club

Men's Section

The Captain for the 2020 season is Jack Whitehouse

Jack has served the Club as Club Vice Captain in 2019 as well as previously being House Chairman for 3 years and giving the Club his total support throughout his long membership.

Jack has now taken on the mantel of Club Captain and his aim is for our members to enjoy a successful, happy Club with a family theme. He is hoping that everyone enjoys their 2020 season, plays to their best ability and achieves what they want out of their game.

There are a number of teams that the men are able to take part in.  These are listed below together with the captains of each of them:-

  • Scratch Team                                 Ross Holmes
  • West Midlands League                Dave Parker
  • B Team                                            Tony Denman
  • Seniors                                            Keith French
  • Junior Captain                              Morley Gill


Want to play in any of the Teams to represent our Club?

The Seniors

Captained by Andy Harris and helped by his Seniors Vice Captain, Keith French, the Seniors matches are played in the morning through the season. There is a variety of matches played against Clubs around the Midlands, some at Fulford some away. You will be able to see the matches if you visit the notice boards in the hallway leading to the Mens changing room (at the end, on the left as you are about to go in).

If you get to play in the Seniors you will play as a pair in a matchplay betterball competition, in excellent company. It is an great way to meet other members and play some wonderful courses.

The only stipulation to play in the Seniors team is an age one, as the name suggests, you have to be over 55 to get in. Apart from that you need to be available and keen to participate. Then it’s just a case of putting your name down on the list telling the Captain you are interested in playing and getting picked for the team. As you will appreciate the games are popular but the people running the team try to accommodate everyone that puts their name down through the season.

You can also telephone the Seniors Captain, drop him an email or chat to either of them when they are in the Club to ask about the team.


The B Team

Very similar to the Seniors team but there is no age limit and they play in the afternoon.

This year’s B Team Captain is Tony Denman, helped by his B Team Vice Captain Trevor Reed.

Again they play Clubs around the Midlands, some at home, some away and like the Seniors all matches are played with good humour and some will to win. They have had members from 21 to 90 and from 6 handicap to 28, so if you would like to represent the Club in the B Team take a look at the same notice board, telephone either of the people running the team, email them or catch either when they are in the Club.

With both the Seniors and the B Team if you are having problems contacting them ask in the Office or the Pro Shop.

Scratch Team

Ross Holmes runs the scratch team and as the name suggests you need to be able to play pretty well, the handicaps go from scratch to 5 so if your game is going well be ready for the call. As with the other teams they play Clubs from across the Midlands but the results count so you need to have that urge to win.


West Midlands League Team

Another League team this year ably run by Dave Parker under very similar conditions as the Scratch Team so if your handicap is heading down into the single figures then you might well get a call from either of these two Captains with a request to see if you are interested in playing. The normal handicap for the West Midands Team is between 5 and 16.

Both teams are well run, have had some significant success and usually enjoy some excellent golf and courses.