Fulford Heath Golf Club

Club Mixed Matches

Fulford Heath’s Lady Captain organises mixed matches against neighbouring Midlands Clubs. The format is greensomes and the match is followed by an evening meal.  Whilst still competitive, the games are played in a great spirit and strong friendships have developed amongst the players over the years.

Throughout the season mixed matches are arranged against some of the Clubs in the region. These are normally played on a Sunday afternoon in excellent company with all players enjoying the golf as well. After the match members are invited to enjoy a meal with the conversation flowing as much as the food and wine.

If you would like to take part in these matches it is important to let the Lady Captain know as she is always keen to involve new members in the team.  If you do not have a partner then she will organise a partner for you.

Further information about the mixed matches can be found on the noticeboard in the corridor by the changing rooms.


The Mixed Matches for 2018